Sunday, June 28, 2009

Reality Guy of The Day: Peter Yonan

Some of you might remember I sort of have a love/hate thing going on with The Janice Dickinson Modeling agency. I have liked some of the show, but dislike her so much it has turned me off from really watching. I did catch a repeat the other day of an episode from season 3 and was as charmed as Janice was by model Peter Yonan. Googling Peter brought up next to nothing and I assume he was only on the show for an episode or two. Anyone know anything else about this cutie. There was something about how he had Janice wrapped up that was very sexy!

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Fastifex said...

You're quit right, Tye, Janice is an insufferable, abusive nutcase with lousy taste, it's no credit to the industry that anyone takes her seriously.
Yet she's too absurd to be a vilainwelove to hate, so one should probably tape the show fort the scenes with hot models to once's own taste, some of the boys are worth it, and Peter is among them, which even Janice recognizes at his first casting call audition, episode 3.2, which these lovely pictures are from.