Monday, July 6, 2009

Blast From The Past for July 6th: Cyril O'Reilly

I do have to thank Melissa Gilbert for reminding me of my short crush in the late 80's on actor Cyril O'Reilly. I have written about the 'Porky's movies before. These movies were some of the first movies in which I actually saw male nudity. I remember renting the VHS tapes (stores were not as concerned about kids and ratings back then) and rewinding and enjoying scenes over and over again. Of course my brother thought I was watching the girls in the shower, so it was a 'safe rental'.

Melissa writes glowingly about Cyril, and it brought my crush rushing back. Cyril has an impressive resume, and although he has some major projets under his belt, Cyril never seemed to get the attention some of his co-stars did. He certainly deserved it. Beautiful and talented. Cyril went between major motion pictures, tv shows and guest shots easily. Cyril's IMDB page has it's last entry almost 3 years ago. Anyone know what Cyril is up to these days?

Below: Cyril with Melissa Gilbert in 'Splendor In The Grass' (1981)

Cyril in 'Porky's' (1982).

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