Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sean Wing and Matt Barr in 'Ten Inch Hero'

Above: Sean Wing.

Not sure how I let this little gem of a picture slip through my fingers. 'Ten Inch Hero' (title will get you alone) has been compared to 'Diner' and 'Mystic Pizza' two flicks I loved! The movie deals with four friends, their love lives and what they learn about themselves while working in a funky sandwich shop in Santa Cruz, California.

One of the four, Tish (Danneel Harris) is also a nymphomaniac who encounters Brad and Tadd played by the adorable Matt Barr and Sean Wing. I have seen both Matt and Sean in other roles and both are also two talented young men. Matt has been seen recently on in 'Harper's Island' but you might recognize him from 'Gossip Girl' or 'One Tree Hill'. Sean I remember from 'Beautiful People' but was also seen last year in 'South Of Nowhere'. Sean also has 4 movies coming out in the next year so if you don't know him yet...you will.

On top of the scene capped below you also get an great performance by Jensen Ackles as well as the always great Sean Patrick Flanery and Clea DuVall.

Below: Matt Barr

'Ten Inch Hero'

A bit from the movie (sorry not the scene above)

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