Saturday, November 14, 2009

Nick Ayler By Hans Fahrmeyer

If you checked out one of my favorite sites Oh La La this week you would have seen a spectacular series of shots by Hans of Nick Ayler. Since it is Sunday with Hans Day I thought I would post a few shots and the video in case you missed them. You can head over to OH LA LA and see them HERE:

Nick has done a couple of shoots with Hans and in this post there are a few shots from both. 22 year old Nick is from Buffalo and besides modeling is also an actor and has appeared in such shows as 'Army Wives', 'Dear John' and 'Fighting' with Channing Tatum. Besides his amazing body (perfect for fitness modeling), Nick has a strong face with those beautiful blue eyes. Nick describes himself as 'ambitious, determined, focused, motivated, punctual, curtious, friendly, outgoing, easygoing, diligent, & kind.' I would add sexy and strong to that list!

Nick Ayler

Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 164 lbs
Shoe size: 11
Hair color: Brown
Hair length: Medium
Eye color: Blue
Skin color: Tanned
Experience: Very Experienced

As with All videos of of Hans, he edits and directs them himself. Hans has exellent taste in music as well which only enhance the viewing experience.


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Love Nick, thanks tye

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he floated my boat!

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i like the last picture