Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday's With Hans: Dave August

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-Dave August-

You all know I love actor, singer, dancer and model Dave August. Dave is one of my favorite guys, so talented, so nice and wonderful to his fans. Dave was gracious enough to take part in my favorites of favorites section last August. You can read that post HERE:

Well, last Sunday I posted part 1 of the series 'Mirror Mirror' and promised a follow up, but that will need to wait. Hans gave me a wonderful Valentines gift last Sunday by sending on some shots from 2002 with the amazing Dave. As always Hans uses color, lighting and many of his signiture shots to create these wonderful images.

Dave August is with Wilhelmina Models New York and you can check out more of his portfolio HERE:

Thanks Hans and Dave!


Anonymous said...

AMAZING shots! love Dave August,just wish the watermarks were not covering his beautiful face.

Anonymous said...

What watermarks? Oh...yeah right. His face.

Anonymous said...

he's a guy to fall in love with... :-) just saw him last staurday at "naked boys" - boy, oh, boy... what a bod... and "the rest" is good too!