Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pic Series Of The Day: David Butzow by msbimages

The Photographer:
Michal Boothe (msbimages)

I have posted images by photographer Michal Boothe in the past on FH. There is an honesty to his work I find very raw. Last November I profiled Michal and shared why his work has such an impact on me. I encourage to read that post HERE:

When your in front of the lens of Michal Booth your more than nude, your actually seen. Many models are 'hidden' even when nude with props, lighting, make-up and photography tricks to create the intended mood. With Michal, the mood, or concept of the shot is simply what is there a man alone in front of the camera. That in itself creates feelings long associated with photography, isolation, venerability, sexuality and to me most of all strength. It takes a strong man, a confidence, a commitment to step in front of Michal Booths camera because nothing can be hidden, everything that you are will be beautifully captured. Check more at Michal's MM page HERE:

The Model:
David Butzow

In revisiting Michal's work recently I was struck by his work with model and artist David Butzow. David's shots demonstrate what I was saying about Michal's work beautifully. One look at the first shot of David above and you are drawn in. A simply composed portrait yet so much more. From David's hair through his eyes and intensity of his facial features it is obvious from the one shot David is far more than just a good looking guy spending a day modeling.

Michal describes David as a REALLY intelligent struggling writer and artist. Their work together already had revealed an artist in David. David is 22 and hails from Carrollton, Texas. David has an incomplete Bachelor's in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Dallas. His current goals are to complete my major in English with a minor in Creative Writing.

"I am very passionate about pictures and modeling, and willing to try anything that I find interesting. I am very interested in photography, fine arts, drawing, music composition, graphic design and conceptual art. "

To see more specifically what type of artist David is, I encourage you to spend some time as I did on his Deviant Art page. You can find HERE: David's work is not roses and puppies, it is much more. As much as I enjoyed his work, and appreciated his talent, I was most impressed with his titles. Often artists leave their work untitled for the viewer to interpret. David gives each of his pieces a title or caption which to me helped with my understanding, enjoyment and appreciation of the piece. 'Emperor of Nothing' was one of my favorites.

David Butzow

Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 139 lbs
Shoe size: 11
Hair color: Blonde
Hair length: Short
Eye color: Blue
Skin color: White
Experience: Some Experience


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