Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Favorite Male Model of the Day: John Paul Matteucci

Originally Posted October 2008:

I was certainly taken when I saw my first picture of the beautiful John Paul Matteucci, and read his mini bio on Model Launch. He seems like such a sweet guy and is certainly amazing looking. Here is what he says about himself:

"Allow Me To Introduce Myself... . I was born and raised in Romania and it is still one of my fav places on earth. So beautiful!!!!! I'm now 22 years old, wow, I feel so old saying it. I love my life just how it is. I have a wonderful family and many great friends. I am single and I always enjoy the company of a beautiful smart woman who I can hold a conversation with so if that sounds like you then feel free to write me anytime. I love my mother and father very much and all my aunts and uncles, sisters and whomever else is part of my family. I am working really hard to play pro soccer like my dad!! my dream is to pear on the front cover of a muscle fitness magazine."

John Paul's pics were all taken by photographer Dan Skinner. I have been a fan of Dan's work for awhile, but cannot seem to find a website of his to give him proper credit. If anyone has a link, please let me know.

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