Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 9th

Above: My favorite shot of Dave Wilkinson by Dan Skinner.

Today's posts started with a question about a razor. It ended with a day covering the work of one of my favorite artists, Dan Skinner from Cerberus Inc. I have featured Dan's work on FH several times over the past couple of years. I decided recently to go back to some of the photographers I have covered in the past and do updates on their new work. Some of have been so wonderful and giving, sharing not only their work but what motivates them in their art.

Dan was one of my favorite artists to profile for many reasons which I outline in the posts below. Not only does Dan brings us beautiful, thought provoking images, he also introduced us to model Dave Wilkinson. Dan and Dave had created a wonderful working partnership and the trust they have in each other have created an outstanding body of work. Dan has such enthusiasm for his work and is always willing to assist me with stories so that I can really do justice to his work.

Dan is at heart a story teller. His work is never just one image, it is a complete story and each shot is carefully thought out. Dan knows exactly what has occurred prior to the shot as well as just after. Like a motion picture, Dan storyboards his work and includes more information in one single shot than almost anyone that I know of.

Dan's storytelling is not just a facet in his work as a photographer and artist. When I ask Dan a question about a shot he responds with a complete story. A wonderful back story of the shoot including anything from the mood of the model to the weather that day and how something like the temperature can effect the outcome of a shoot.
Dan's storytelling has also moved to books (see more below). I usually only post one page a day but due to the amount of past posts on Dan's work be sure not to miss out on page 2.

Thanks Dan again for sharing not just your work but more importantly, thanks for sharing your stories!

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Dan Skinner said...

T. Thanx so much again. Such beautiful words. It's great to have someone appreciate the hard hard work. And thanx to all your fans here. I hope they leave you lots of comments and praise for the work that YOU do! You're the best!
Dan Skinner