Monday, August 23, 2010

Jason by Chris Teel

Photographer Chris Teel has not had much down time this summer. He has been shooting pretty much non stop taking advantage of the Toronto heat with some amazing exterior location shoots. I feel fortunate Chris has so graciously shared some of his work over the past several months with FH.

One of Teel's latest shoots was not outside, but it could not get much hotter. Vancouver-based Jason was recently in Toronto on business. Chris shot these images at Jason's hotel.

'We did a number of fashion and underwear shots and then, when the sunlight hit the curtains the way they did we saw the opportunity to capture these nudes. It was Jason's first nude shoot and he did incredibly well, portraying a beautiful, innocent look.'

We all have seen the hotel room with white walls, white curtains and the heater under the window. Most times we barely look as it is so common...ugly really. With Jason and the talent, eye and lighting from Chris Teel this generally ugly space is turned into a thing of beauty. Thanks again Chris!

Chris Teel:


Anonymous said...

I want to hustle Chris!

Anonymous said...

can we see a bit more?