Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kudos to Celine Dion

First let me say I have never been a huge fan of Celine Dion. The only cd I own by her is 1990's Unison which I was given at a surprise birthday party when I turned 16. I did take a date to a Celine concert a few years later, this was still during the time half her stage show was in french. It was after became more well known for singing 'Beauty and the Beast' but before becoming huge with the release of Titanic.

I could always see the woman had an amazing voice and her energy on stage is to be respected. I liked some of her music, I just found her a bit annoying and was always more into alternative rock. The female singers I did listen to were not been the big voices but the singer songwriters like Melissa Etheridge (and currently LOVING Adele).

It struck me recently that Randy Jackson continues to tell the female singers on American Idol to be careful when singing the big three, Celine, Mariah and Whitney, once in awhile he will also throw in Christia. When I was growing up these women dominated the radio, MTV and were constants at my school dances and every wedding I ever attended.

We all know know that Whitney's voice is shot. It is obvious Mariah's is gone as well. For the past three or four years Mariah has either lip synced, or painfully limped her way though her live performances with tv hosts and audiences all in on some sort of 'play' to convince those of us watching at home on television that she actually did a good job. Christina's voice is not gone, but there are hints it could be heading wherever Mariah's went.

This past week I saw several stories about Dion on tv promoting her new Vegas show and they have given me a new appreciation for her worth ethic and her talent. The woman cannot possible need the money yet is back to sold out shows. Whether Dion (and of course Streisand) are just more talented than the others or if they are just more professional is not clear. It is clear however that Dion has not ruined her instrument, instead has kept it strong through work outs and rehearsal's. Kudos to Dion remaining at the top of her vocal game.


Anonymous said...

You know you made a major unbiased point. I love Whitney and Mariah so much. I love Celine too. But of the three Dion seems to have the most respect for her vocal instrument. I saw her behind the scenes rehearsing and conditioning! It is inspiring.

Eric GoFuckYourself said...

What skill do you have? You hate Mariah so much? That's cool. Not everyone has taste. Also, She just earned a 19th Number One single last year, broke 3 more World Records and is being inducted into the Song Writer's Hall Of Fame. What have you done? Nothing. You won't approve this comment and I couldn't care less. I wanted to make sure you read it. You're garbage. You do nothing but droll over men you'll never have. Go out and accomplish something or die off. Your choice.

TyeBriggs said...


Wow, you're certainly worked up for story I wrote almost 9 years ago. The piece wasn't meant to bash Mariah, it was to give credit to Celine. I love Mariah, her albums were a HUGE part of my history. But... you have to admit, Mariah had a few years where she struggled with live performances, there were tons of stories, and there are tons of videos on Youtube.

But... As I said, this piece is almost 9 years old, and I have to give Mariah credit, she obviously worked hard and has gotten back a lot of her vocal strength. Recent live performances I have seen of hers have gone much smoother.

Appreciate your passion for Mariah and hope after your anger has subsided, hope you'll appreciate my love of drooling over hot, talented men.

Enjoy your week!