Monday, April 25, 2011

Guy Pearce in Mildred Pierce

I don't get HBO (I know, I know...) but am looking forward to watching Mildred Pierce. I love Guy Pearce, Memento is a favorite film of mine. I also especially love Kate Winslet (Little Children and Eternal Sunshine being my favorite films of hers). Did anyone watch? Looks like a tour de force of great acting.

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Avenjer said...

It was good. The acting was great. I'm not sure it needed to be that long but I didn't mind it. It's supposed to be more like the actual book. I had only seen the original Joan Crawford bitch fest version (which doesn't follow the book but I liked the changes they made for Joan's giving it a heavy melodramtic climax ending.) So because of Joan's version I was expecting a bit more of a showdown for the ending. The ending was fine, maybe quiet, I was hoping for more. But the series was good. You'll like it.