Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rejuvenated: Michael Hargis by LightWeaver

Location, Location, Location:

Over the past few months location has played an important role in many of my posts. Marlen Boro's window, Colgan's abandoned buildings, Russ Osterweil's bedrooms. It is again location the plays a huge role in Jay A. Rickard's most recent shoot. These shots of Michael are not only some of my favorite shots from Lightweaver they are also some of his best work.

Jay reports he had used the location previously with another model and Michael had expressed an interest in the location as well after he saw on his website.

'I had been wanting to use that location again for awhile since it had been about 4 years since I’d used it last. I was extremely happy to find that the owners had opened up the third floor which was closed off the last time. Holy crap it was awesome. The creative energy was flowing that day and we both gave 100%, as the images show. It was pretty cold out and as you can tell then building is old so it has no heat. Open doors and windows were the only way to get light in since there was no electricity so we even had the wind blowing in. Poor Michael was shivering the whole time and was flat out numb by the time we were done. Luckily he was able to thaw out with a hot shower before we started working in the studio.'
Jay A. Rickard

'As for working with Jay, he is such a laid back guy. He has a vision in his head and goes for it. We shot in an old abandoned building and although it was freezing cold, we went for it because the space was too good to be true and we knew the shots would be worth it. I can't wait to work with him again and come up with more great ideas.'
Michael Hargis

'The shoot was exactly as I envisioned and for an artist. Those moments are few and far between. Even in post production there was very little to do, if anything. Working with Michael Hargis was a breath of fresh air. I had started to feel a little complacent with photography and honestly was beginning to feel stagnant. This shoot has rejuvenated me.!'
Jay A. Rickard

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'I envisioned this set of him wearing nothing but an outfit made out of jewelry. I created specifically for the shoot. Most models, especially when looking at working with a new photographer, would balk at such an odd suggestion, but he loved it immediately. Took me a few weeks to put it all together and it was worth it. You can see for yourself, the look is unique. When it was time for the jewelry set I added some make up to perfect the look and strapped on the jewels'
Jay A. Rickard


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