Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Goat Boy: by Marlen Boro

There are many animals which have taken on sexy or erotic persona's, one of the most famous examples being The Playboy Bunny. Horses, and riding them have played a role in many sexual fantasies. Words that describe animal behavior are often connected to sex, words like wild, ferocious and beast to name just a few.

Then of course there are goats. Goats, like most animals from the farm are usually more associated with Disney Land than fantasy land. That is of course before they get in front of Marlen Boro's lens.

'Checking out Marlen's site Gentlemen Photography, is like being in the middle of an erotic theme park with light and colors and an intensity which make it difficult to know where to look first. Like being at Disney your surrounded by excitement where deciding where to start is hard choice. Marlen's work is erotic, sensual with a sense of fun made up of conceptual shoots where guys are not just posing, but playing strip twister, wearing hello kitty underwear and covered in glitter.'

I wrote the statement above in one of my first profiles of Marlen's work. This erotic theme park Marlen has created is full of many themes and many symbols usually only associated with attractions traditionally more family friendly.

Doing a little research on the 'the goat' I was a bit surprised to find out there are indeed some erotic theme's associated with the long horned mammal. In addition to being extremely curious and intelligent they are intensely inquisitive and with their upper lip and tongue will explore anything new or unfamiliar. Intact males are also known as as bucks or billies. Bucks are willing and capable of breeding at all times of the year. Bucks also are likely to charge or butt at humans out of fear or sometimes for no particular reason at all.

There is another goatboy besides the one grazing in front of Marlen Boro's window. In Greek mythology there is Pan. Pan is the God of shepherds and flocks, of mountain wilds, hunting and rustic music. Pan is famous for his sexual powers, and is often depicted with a phallus. Diogenes of Sinope, speaking in jest, related a myth of Pan learning masturbation from his father, Hermes, and teaching the habit to shepherds.

Pan has also been featured twice before on FH portrayed on stage by two of my favorite actors, Nick Adams & Jonathan D. Lovitiz.

Marlen said he was inspired to work with a mask by Sylvain Norget's Naked Rabbit Project. Marlen chatted with Jesse, one of his favorite collaborators, and it all began to come together. Jesse went to work and made the mask by hand himself.

'Its plaster gauze over a cardboard base. I'm not sure its what Marlen envisioned but I think we both agree it turned out well. Its always fun to imagine projects with Marlen and even more satisfying when they take shape. You have to be careful what you say though; any idea is fair game and Marlen has a habit of grabbing the silliest sounding ideas and holding you to them... Twister, 2 dollar pink bunny ears...'

I wondered how the mask turned into that of a goat. Jesse says he and Marlen thought of several animals for the shoot before deciding on a goat.

'Eagle was a strong candidate (I saw a Halloween costume in San Francisco that was hilarious and thought would mesh with Marlen's great sense of humor). Ultimately, we settled on a goat because of that animal's licentious reputation and the erotic overtones of Marlen's work. And...because horns look cool lol!'

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& check back next week to find out more about Jesse, the man behind the mask!


JiEL said...

This is a awsome set of photos.

I'd be volunter to MILK this GOAT for sure...
I'm eager to see that JESSE without his mask.

Thanks again for your HI-quality site.

Have a nice sunny day.

JiEL said...


I just saw that JESSE was one of your BUNNIES in the Easter post..

Isn't he?

TyeBriggs said...

He is indeed JiEL!