Thursday, August 18, 2011

'Brokeback Mountain In Space': The Trouble With Billy

The Trouble With Actor William McNamara

When researching this post I was a bit disappointed with myself that actor William McNamara has only shown up a couple of times. Of course his birthday has been observed and as well he was the focus of a 'Blast From The Past' profile. McNamara's career is far from only in the past, he continues to work steadily and has several features due for release next year When I see stories on the actor, they usually end up showing caps, as I did below, from one of everybody's favorite embarrassment nudity scenes of. Chasers was a fun, but forgettable film which is remembered mostly for Billy's nude scene

As enjoyable as it was, William McNamara is far more than that one scene, that one movie. William attended Columbia University and studied at the Lee Strasberg Institute. William has also appeared in three of my favorite films. I don't presently own a copy of the 1992 television film Doing Time on Maple Drive but plan to rectify that. Doing time, which was directed by Ken Olin and co-starred Jim Carrey and James Sikking. William's plays Matt, still in the closet in fear of the reaction from his conservative parents

Stealing Home is an emotional tear jerker for sure. It also provides Jodie Foster with one of her best roles to date. William plays Billy Wyatt (Mark Harmon plays him as an adult) in this 1988 drama. If you have not seen, or heard of this movie, I strongly suggest you find it. There is no green screen, no epic space battles, just a quiet beautiful film about the meaning of relationships, especially those we form as youth.

1995's CopyCat did not get stellar reviews, but I found it a fun, fast moving psychological thriller. It feels a bit dated when characters pull out cell phones as big as their heads, but watching William terrorize Sigourney Weaver and keep Holly Hunter and Dermot Mulroney (at his hottest!) is a fun ride. Harry Connick Jrs creepy turn is just an added bonus!

William (still fighting not to call him Billy...) has a new online project I encourage you to all check out. Like my favorite tv show of all time, The Comeback, The Trouble With Billy looks at an out of work actor trying to breath some life into his stalled career. Not only is William the star, he also writes and directs each of the online episodes. The show is quick moving, well written and edited with some fun cameos. William has a distinct knack for comedy, both with his acting and with his writing. Check out this sample episode and then William on The Trouble With Billy Facebook page HERE to show some love! If enough fans get on board the hope is the project might jump form the net to a tv screen!

The video below might also explain the post title.


Bobby F said...

I have DOING TIME and STEALING HOME on dvd. Shamelessly, I also have CHASERS. I have been crazy about William ever since DOING TIME.

William McNamara said...

nice little synopsis! thanks, I appreciate it...

William McNamara said...

here's a longer version of TTwB

Tye said...

Thanks William!

I will change the link. Watching the extended version now.