Monday, August 22, 2011

John Fallon: Executing A Vision

If there were one room in your home which held all your secrets it would be the bathroom. In the bathroom, behind the closed door, we are naked, both physically and emotionally. We look into a mirror, that sadly never lies to us with a false compliment. The bathroom is the room the sins of the past 24 hours are flushed, washed away and then covered up again. It the place we go to first thing in the morning and the end of every day.

It is a strange phenomenon that in a room in which we are both completely exposed and completely natural, we try our best to change nature. We shave facial and body hair, fill the hair on our head with product and cover imperfections. Between body wash, shampoo, deodorant and cologne we have virtually no part of our body with any natural scent. Yet…when we look into that mirror, before the shower, and after all the product is applied, what we see really has not changed.

It makes perfect sense to me then that photographer John Fallon chose the room of secrets as the base his series toilette. On his site, John showcases both men and women exposing more than just skin. No matter what life is throwing at you, happiness, sadness, depression, disease, addiction or fetish, it all usually comes out, one way or another in the toilette.

John describes his style as sort of all over the place; edgy, dirty, dust, organic, vintage Hollywood to modern high fashion to simplicity. In addition to taking the photographs, John acts as Wardrobe Stylist and Art Director on each of his shoots creating each image from concept to completion. It is concept that is John’s favorite part of the process, creating a visual story and executing that vision into reality.

Although based in Los Angeles, John has lived and worked in over 30 countries. John was traveling when I first contacted him about a profile, completing photography assignments in Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam. Besides documenting the human condition, John is also committed to improving upon it. John is the founder of Love Bully, a non-profit organization involved in anti-bullying and suicide prevention. John also acts as co-creator and designer of the organic apparel line Fuze Organics.

Above: Artist within the art.

'Photography inspires me every second of the day. I love to capture moments in time that can never be repeated. I love to tell stories. I feel that photography is a portal for humankind to share thoughts and experiences without imposing them. An image can mean many things and can not tell a lie.'
John Fallon

From John's Website:
'His ability to marry though provoking and provocative imagery with sometimes unusual situations ask the viewer to reexamine their own boundaries and take foothold into the unknown. Sometimes his work is portrayed in the purity of nature, while at other times infused with colors, texture and vice.'

Check out much more of John's work on his site HERE:


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