Sunday, October 16, 2011

Subtleties: Lukas by Jon Eland

Lukas Myers
by Jon Eland (But I Like It Photos)

When I was initially putting my posts together for today the theme of maturing and ageing seemed to be weaved through each of pieces. Jonathan Taylor Thomas, moving from child star into his thirties, Gregory Lindeblom's book Prime Time and finally photographer Jon Eland's delicious shots of Lukas Myers. With the shots of Lukas, it was not so much his age of course, but in reading Jon's mission statement, it all came together with the word transition, so beautifully stated on his 'about' page. (see below)

'Focused on creating stylish, original imagery of the male visage and form, Jon photographs a diverse selection of men – aiming to share the beauty and subtleties and to record each person at that point as they transition through life.'

The word subtleties really struck me in Jon's statement. All of us change, transition each and every day, hour even minute. These changes are so small, so delicate that most of us don't notice them as they are occurring. What we do usually notice is when many of these small changes add up to a big one. Then we look back and wonder what happened. How many of us have looked at an old picture of ourselves and truly don't remember looking like that. Most of us tend to get a mental picture of ourselves and stick with it for years. Sometimes it takes a good friend to point out when that mental image veers further and further from reality.

Jon goes on to say in his intro that he works with guys from a broad spectrum of ages, backgrounds and reasons for wanting photos. It is interesting, I think I only remember two, maybe three other photographers who incorporate the motive of the model into the emotions they try to bring out in the images. Conveying emotions is something Jon does beautifully and says he is inspired by narrative-led shoots. Going through his portfolio, especially some of his themed projects, subtle, emotional expression is at the core of where Jon's images stem from.

'The shoot with Lukas was cool - I'd had a couple of goes using the office building we shot in and this led to the shoot with Lukas - he'd been recommended to me by a friend who I use as an unofficial talent scout - he has his finger on the pulse of hot young local talent. But had I been looking myself I needn't have gone far; Lukas was to be found working behind (and on) the bar next door to the studio - often in little more than his boxer-briefs!'
Jon Eland

In the case of 23 year old Lukas Myers, the transition and subtleties captured and recorded by Jon are his entry into modeling. Jon says this was Lukas' first 'proper' shoot and he was fun to work with and a natural in front of a camera that loves him. Jon says that Lukas has a 'vanity free' desire to look great and both model and photographer are already looking forward to a second shoot

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Lukas Myers on ModelMayhem

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