Monday, December 12, 2011

Perspective: Mark Grantham & Mike Tossy

Andrew by Mike Tossy

Two of my favorite artists to profile are Mike Tossy & Mark Grantham. I have been featuring their work regularly on FH for the last three years. There is a magic within their images which I think comes from a number of factors. Both Mark and Mike describe photography as both a passion and a hobby, not a profession. The married couple insist the men they shoot are comfortable in front of their lens and want to be there. You can see the joy within the images that comes directly from the creative process, not because of deadlines and pay checks. Both Mark and Mike fill their lives with so many passions and experiences that you can feel them beautifully infiltrating their work.

Andrew by Mark Grantham

I have always enjoyed featuring different perspectives of the same subject. I have been fortunate to have able to do this with models and photographers several times in the past. We all see things slightly different and it is fascinating to see the slight, and not so slight, differences in how two or more artists choose to capture it. Mark and Mike certainly do not always shoot together but have done so enough to have a quite a long list of models they have both shot. Mike and Mark have agreed to share their perspectives, both in work together and separately. Perspective with Mark Grantham & Mike Tossy will now be a regular monthly feature on FH and one I am really thrilled to have their work to share on a regular basis!

First up is Andrew!

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