Saturday, December 10, 2011

-A Window- Felix by Doug Vetter

Some FH readers may remember that I have written man times about my love of the use of windows within photography. Windows provide not only natural light, but a myriad of metaphors about reflection and reflecting. Looking not only at others, but with a window, ourselves. Although this incredible shoot does include a rotting, yet incredibly beautiful window, not to mention an amazing doorway, the window in this case is not made of wood and glass but instead it is a window of opportunity.

Like many of the artists I profile, Doug Vetter did not undertake photography as a moneymaking venture. His interest in photography dates back to the late seventies when he was in high school. It was important for Doug to have a creative outlet and although he spent many years in the creative world of video production, he now holds a corporate position. Doug loves his job but it provides little room for the expression of creative energy.

Because of Doug's job, his family responsibilities, and community commitments Doug is only able to unleash his creative energy a few days a month. This means plenty of organization, planning and scheduling shoots well in advance. Pursuing a passion, especially with such a limited window of time, means being painfully careful selecting your subjects to ensure whatever, or whomever, he is going to shoot is exceptional.

I think exceptional more than sums up model Felix J. Felix would have to be on the list of the most beautiful models I have had the pleasure to feature on FH. Incredible body, the most beautiful grey eyes and a face both strong, delegate full of emotional expression. With all of the shots (and there were many others not featured here) it did not seem possible for Doug to take a bad shot of Felix.

Of course it did not hurt that Doug so beautifully framed each of his shots utilizing his Virginia location to highlight both model and surroundings. The juxtaposition between the location, rundown and flawed with Felix, flawless, only added to the beauty of the images.


billydpix said...


Another stunner. Hope to help grace your pages real soon again. Happy Holidays!!

Bill Donlen

billydpix said...

Window series and model both beautiful!!

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