Thursday, February 23, 2012

Anthony Triolo: Inner AVATAR

Above: Anthony by MStyles

'Your ideal self, you at your best, how you choose to present yourself to the world'
Anthony Triolo

I want to see you
Living free
Being who
You want to be

When choosing an avatar your choosing a representation of who you are, an image to attract attention and let those who view it know a little something beyond just the surface of what they see. This is the stimulus behind actor, model and solo artist Anthony Triolo's new single AVATAR.

'I wrote AVATAR because I like to act/sing/model and people are constantly asking me, "What makes you think that you're good/hot enough?"
That has always been a very frustrating question for me because I feel that everyone should know that they are 'good enough' to do whatever they want to do in life, as long as they are willing to put in the effort and work at it!'

Skivvies by MStyles

'As for being 'hot'....Some people believe that there are people that are born attractive and people that are not, I completely disagree! Being 'HOT' is an ATTITUDE, yes it's about taking care of yourself physically but it's more about having a positive attitude in life, being real with yourself, knowing your strengths and weaknesses physically, wearing clothes and accessories that will accentuate the positive and help you to just put your best foot forward. It's also about knowing that you are beautiful the way you were born but if there is something you want to change that can be beautiful too!'

Blade by MStyles

Check out more of Anthony's music on his Youtube Channel HERE: and on iTunes HERE:

A Sunday Afternoon by MStyles


Anonymous said...

Great pics and a great song. Thanx. I found my avatar

Anonymous said...

Love all the great pics and the song too!!!

Brian said...

Hey Anthony..Awesome pics, awesome story, awesome song!

Anonymous said...

OH YEAH!! I LOVE THIS THEME!! embracing our inner true self is what life's all about... :D I hope lots of people see this! ^_^
- Raffi

Anonymous said...

Sexy boy with a hot song! Where can I find more pictures?