Friday, March 2, 2012

Rebuilt: Jack Perotinus by Josh Veloso

Whenever you see the prefix re in front of a word you know your either heading forward or going backward. Rewind, reverse and reduce do not describe the direction photographer Josh Veloso and model Jack Perotinus are heading for.

For both men, the focus is rebuilding. For Josh Veloso it is rebranding his image. Known primarily for his fashion and fitness work, the Chicago based photographer is focusing more on edgier, erotic imagery bringing his extensive 18 years of experience and skill to redefine the way he shoots the male form.

For model Jack Perotinus the re belongs deservedly in front of build. About 10 years ago, having never done one thing athletic and tired of being shaped like a stereotypical opera singer or tubist, Jack started casually hitting the gym. With small results came a love of working out, and as goals got bigger and enthusiasm for fitness grew, he was absolutely amazed to see how he could transform his body. If anyone had told Jack in his 20's that he would ever have visible abdominal muscles - he would have laughed his ass off.

Born & raised on the coast of Maine, and still very much a rocky Atlantic seashore boy at heart, Jack studied music while at college in both Boston & Baltimore. Although Jack now lives in Chicago, he worked professionally as a musician in NYC for most of the past 11 years. Jack still gets back to NY frequently and travels frequently throughout the eastern US to perform.

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