Sunday, April 29, 2012

First & Second: Lance By Mark Grantham & Mike Tossy

Lance by Mark Grantham

It is always interesting to see how a subject is captured through the eye of different artists. We all see things slightly different and it is fascinating to see the slight, and not so slight, differences in how two or more artists choose to capture it. In my third outing of Perspective, artist's Mark Grantham and Mike Tossy focus their lens on a on a model who is stepping in front of a professional for the very first time.

Mark was the first photographer to work with Lance, Mike was the second. As of now, Mark and Mike are still the only two photographers to shoot with Lance, although now that he's joined Model Mayhem, photographers are lining up to work with him. Lance is a friend of Tyler (who I just featured) and also JPhoenix (who I featured in January of last year.

'He's another friend from here in Santa Cruz. Just 20. Great guy. Works 2 jobs. He's in school, with big dreams/plans. He's a rock climber. He's a runner. He doesn't sit still.'
Mark Grantham

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I love how Mark brings out the athlete side of Lance whereas Mike uses color and pose to bring out the artistic. Both photographers bring out the fun, and the sexy and with Lance it all begins with his incredible face. I think my favorite images are the last shot of Mark's above, and the first shot from Mike below. Both make use of Lance's fantastic body, face and incredibly expressive eyes.

Lance by Mike Tossy

'Life is far too short to live the same day twice.'

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Lance on ModelMayhem

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