Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Jeremy Allen White: Shameless

'White had been up since 7 a.m. doing interviews, but he looked like he had just woken up. He always does. Maybe it’s the messy hair or the dark rings around his eyes. Either way, the look works for White — especially on “Shameless,” a Chicago-set dramedy revolving around the dysfunctional Gallagher family. The New York native plays Lip, a straight-A student who has done almost everything to make money, from selling beer and weed on an ice cream truck to taking SATs for students.'
Luis Gomez, Chicago Tribune

Although I have posted about Shameless before, until last week I had not actually watched it. Various threads on different forums had screen caps of Justin Chatwin, Thierre di Castro and Steve Howey had me aware of the show for awhile. Some of the great reviews I had read had also made it move to the top of my list of shows to give a shot.

One episode in and I am hooked. The acting, the writing, the nudity pull together for a pretty incredible hour of television. I love especially how the children are such full, thought out characters, something most televisions don't bother to do. What I did not not however expect was my reaction to actor Jeremy Allen White who plays Lip. On the surface, the actor, the character didn't really hover near my radar, but on screen there is a force that draws you in. Often unlikable, but always lovable, Lip thus far is one of my favorite parts of the how.

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Brent said...

I would like to join in on the fun too! The bigger guy has a lovely body!