Friday, June 8, 2012

Chris Rockway by Prairie Visions Photography

Nebraska's Prairie Visions has been a source of inspiration for me even before I began FH. Long before blogs & tumblr's, my search for artists capturing the male forum led me to a place most have long ago abandoned, the yahoo group. My first connection to many photographers was via these groups as at one time, not really so long ago, many photographers used groups as a way to showcase their work and connect with others with a passion for the male form within art and photography.

FH actually began as a yahoo group and I used to have it linked on the blog. I long ago lost my ability to get into the group to edit and make changes, and it sadly has become a spam infested mess. Before the blog however, it was a great way to share my favorite images and connect with others like Kendal from Prairie Visions Muscle. It was fun at the time getting daily updates and photos via e-mail from artists and photographers I admired. Kendal's work always stood out to me, not only does he shoot incredible studio shots, I was initially most impressed with his blending of model and environment with Prairie Visions a fitting title given the extent of his exterior and location work.

One of Kendal's latest shoots was with model and actor Chris Rockway. Chris has a body made and built to be captured and admired. Kendal has created some spectacular new images of Chris and although I love them all, the images spotlighting Rockway's derriere extraordinaire are breathtaking pieces of perfection.

Kendal says that Chris was really relaxed and easy to work with. Besides the images shown here, model and photographer put together a Christmas themed shoot with the results to be seen later in the year. Chris, who is also a painter and a sculptor, also has an interest in history and world events. An avid traveler, Chris was actually vacationing in Egypt when the revolution exploded last year.

'When I told him we were doing a Christmas Card shoot, I don't think he know what to expect... He was a trooper and we got some fun and sexy results. Ho ho holy cow!'

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DavidAsset said...

What a hunk. Beautiful ass and dick. thanks for including that shot in which he's bending over, my favorite view!

Anonymous said...

Très beaux mec Chris Rockway je kiff Tous ses film

Anonymous said...

A oui tres bo gosse chris j'adore