Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tyler-B-Shields By Scott Barnes

23 year old Tyler calls himself a small town country boy who enjoys riding horses, riding bicycles, canoeing, watching movies, hanging with friends, working out, and being out in the sun. I am not sure if his use of bicycles can be stretched to include motor cycles, but when I saw this set of shots from Scott Barnes I wanted to include them on the blog.

I love to feature the work of Indianapolis photographer Scott Barnes and can't believe this is the first appearance of his work on FH this year! After spending some time on his blog and site this week, I hope the latter part of 2012 will have much more of Scott's work. I love this series, but I encourage you all to check out more of Scott's work with Tyler on Scott's site Vir Impudicus. Believe me, these shots are tame in comparison (Check out Tyler near the bottom of the Erotica section).

Tyler-B-Shields on ModelMayhem
Scott Barnes Photography

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