Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Blast From The Past: Martin Hewitt in Endless Love

When profiling actress Jami Gertz the other day, I was surprised in my research that her first role was in the Franco Zeffirelli film Endless Love (1981). I never saw Endless Love until finding a VHS copy about 10 years ago. Although Obsessed as a kid at getting my hands on a copy of Blue Lagoon (for la Atkins), this Brooke Shields film never had the same effect.

Brooke Shields, the person, always interested me. Her hair, her celebrity persona, her Calvin Klein ads. Brooke Shields, the actress, never held the same appeal. Although slightly more skilled at comedy, Shields is simply just not that great an actress, something that sadly has not changed as she has gotten older. I know she continues to work, but I think she is still riding off the fumes of her child star years...

I am going to have to track down another copy of Endless Love to see if I might have missed something. I barely remember the film or it's plot. I do remember Martin Hewitt's beautiful face and body however, which is why I had to hunt down some caps (thanks annoyedchris) to take a look back. If I see anything different in a second viewing I will be sure to report back..


Scot said...

Freakishly interesting that you posted this today. Brooke Shield's mother died today. If you are of a certain age you'll remember her as being the PRIMO stage mother of the time. She pushed Btook's career from the time she was 11 months old. She even let her very young daughter play a very young prostitute in the movie Pretty Baby.

TyeBriggs said...


I know!
I read about her mother a few hours after I posted, might have delayed it if I had known.