Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cristian by Mount Photography

Last month, as part of my Halloween themed posts, I featured the work of Mark Montovio from Mount Photography. (Expressive Masquerade) One of my favorite models featured was Cristian, who, even with the mask, was someone who demanded a bit more coverage.

18 year Cristian from Cádiz, Spain can be found travelling between Gibraltar and Cadiz and although new to modeling is intensely motivated to work on his craft. When he first got in touch with Mark last year, he was wanting to see, in his own words, 'If he was any good at it!'

Cristian certainly has an incredible look, an incredible body and a great face with alluring brown eyes and beautiful unique features. Although just 18, Cristian also combines youthful, especially with his killer grin, with a maturity, both in appearance an in professionalism. But even with great looks, not all young models are always able to transfer this in front of the lens.

When Mark first asked him what sort of stuff he wanted to try out, Cristian said he was interested in doing underwear work. The young model had been training hard for several years for the opportunity to try modeling and was happy with his achievements. Mark wanted to wait until he was just a little older and about five months older they did their first shoot which included the first pic with Cristian in jeans at the beginning of this piece.

'Cristian was very pleased with the results of the first shoot and very eager that I should tell him whether he had any potential. Clearly it was noticeable even though I had only worked with him for under an hour that he could do very well. After that shoot he just wanted to arrange more and I tried to fit them in as and when I could. In total we have shot three times.'

'During the second shoot, Cristian was determined to push boundaries. I'm always happy to go at the model's pace when I think that nurturing and encouraging will bring results. This shoot was very productive and Cristian had lots of very positive comments resulting in his first paid photoshoot in Holland. To prepare for that shoot he again asked me to help him develop further and that was when we did the masked shots.'

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