Saturday, November 24, 2012

Revved Up! Rev Combs: Just for fun!

'Im here to have fun with different photographers and models.'

In profiling male modes the last five plus years it has been interesting to find out what motivates many of them to decided to step in front of the camera. Whenever I interviewing a model I am always curious to the pros and cons they weighed before deciding to model, especially when the modelling requires leaving modesty, and usually all of their clothes, at the door.

Very few models, especially men, are able to make a full time living in the industry. Some can for short periods of time, traveling, working fashion and commercial shoots but most have other jobs, are students and shoot on the side for a little extra cash. Some are looking for fame, modeling as part of the journey into the entertainment business. There is another category however, a small group of men who model simply for fun and as a way to explore a creative side not generally nourished through their nine to five job.

Below: Rev by Ethan James

Although there is not really any connection between motivation and why I love certain models, there is an element, not as strong or present, in models who do it strictly for the enjoyment of the creative process that often produces some of my favorite images, that element is degree of risk.

Rev by Elements Photography Co

When modeling is your main source of income, your generally connected to an agency and have to consider future employment with every job and image that is taken. When acting is your end game, you have to consider how every image, especially nudes, will impact you down the road. Anytime you take clothes off for the camera, the element of personal risk involved, but professional risk is minimized if your main goal is the enjoyment of the process.

Below: Rev by Musclehead Graphics

Rev Combs is a model who loves the process, working with others for the creative end. When I spent time with his work, I saw images from some of my favorite photographers, Prairie Visions, Musclehead Graphics, Ethan James, many are artists I have featured in the past on FH. When your modeling for fun having maple syrup poured down your naked body and having banana's, chocolate sauce and whipped cream slathered on your lower stomach is all part of a day's work.

Below: Rev by Prairie Visions Photography

Below: 'Sundae' from 2007's Big Mac Shoot Out

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