Sunday, November 11, 2012

Unconventional Attraction: Sean by Jon Eland

'I'm always looking for new and interesting guys to feature - especially those who have an unconventional attraction.'
Jon Eland

Merriam-Webster defines unconventional as being one not bound by or in accordance with convention, being out of the ordinary. Out of the ordinary can also be described as special, exceptional or incredible. Despite everything we know and everything we see, out of the ordinary still remains a confusing concept. The best parents want their children to be themselves, find their own voice and march to their own drummer. Yet, once this same child turns 12 or 13, many of those same parents revert to expecting to conformity. It can be a confusing message to be who you are, yet do as your told.

Photographer Jon Eland weaves these concepts together seamlessly. I have written about Jon's focus on subtleties before, his desire to record each person at that point of transition. It is a beautiful slight of hand however, subtly embracing the unconventional in an industry in which the goal is still so often to suppress it.

Now it might be argued that 23 year old Sean Marshall is not exactly unconventional, but special, exceptional and incredible are all adjectives I would use to describe him. A rugby star when at school, currently Sean balances his career in the care profession with a love of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). You'll often find him rock climbing, at the gym or partying with his friends at the local club.

'Our first shoot together was for my main project last year and it found him modelling for 3 hours at -5°c and lower; so I was only too pleased when we got untypically sunny weather for this underwear shoot in a vacant office building in Leeds city centre. Without a doubt he has a great expression, look and body - but he's also a great lad - caring and understanding of others, whilst always ready to help his friends - and have a good time with them too. Definitely a face to watch!'
Jon Eland

Sean is also apart of one of Jon's current projects Fallen Far which the photographer is currently completing. The project looks to the Greek gods of mythology and considers how they might be today, two millennia since they were adored and revered

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