Thursday, December 27, 2012

Faking It!

Oh the weather inside is air conditioned
But the Faux fire is on slow emission
And since I nailed this audition
Let It Fake Snow! Let It Fake Snow! Let It Fake Snow!

Ugly Betty

I love winter. I love snow, blizzards and everything associated with the season. Since I was a kid I always really enjoyed movies and televisions shows set during the winter months. I remember episodes of Gilmore Girls and ER and so many other shows in which snow played a crucial role in story. Along with the precipitation and wind chill, I have always found a warmth, a deeper heat at times than the hottest of summer days.

One of the movies I pull out from time to time is Bridget Jones Diary. I am hit or miss on Renée Zellweger's but I think this movie is her best work. The movie begins with Bridget in the snow on New Years and ends with a kiss on a snowy street, with plenty of snow scenes in between.

Bridget Jones

As I sit here today, snow and wind is whipping all around my house. I am usually able to escape into a good movie and suspend reality to believe in dinosaurs, superheroes, vampires and even a singing Russell Crowe. I am yanked however, painfully, from even the best of movies and television shows when the characters are surrounded by fake snow.

Marley & Me

Those of us who experience a lot of snow know what it looks like, what it feels and even tastes like. Watching the fake flurries swirl around a Hollywood sound stage is becoming harder and harder to enjoy. Yes I know it would be unrealistic to expect shows and movies, especially California based ones, to travel North to film realistic snow scenes. I can handle fake snow on a sit-com or soap opera, but for drama's and big budget motion pictures the fake flakes aren't cutting it any more.

Gilmore Girls

The Real Thing:

And yes, your right, this post was an excuse to post the remaining 'naked guys in snow' images!


Bobby F said...

Being naked in the snow is amazing!
Thanks for posting these. I have a few of my own that some friends and I took when we were on a mid-winter vacation in the mountains of North Carolina at a ski resort when we were in college.

Brent said...

The guy with the hat on with his tongue out and that beautiful butt sticking out just with his pants down I like.