Monday, January 14, 2013

Idiosyncrasies: David by TR Pics

I cannot believe it has been a year since I profiled the work of Dallas photographer Tom Rubeck from TR Pics. It was last January when I featured Tom's work with Vincent WolFang (Right Before The Lens:). That post hit a nerve with several readers who commented and e-mailed me about the images and theme of the piece.

In the profile, Vincent expressed that there was a time when he felt shame about his body hair. Over time, helped in part by his modeling, he developed both acceptance and pride in embracing something that at one time he struggled with. It is odd, yet at the same time perfectly natural, that certain idiosyncrasies about ourselves, some of which we may try to hide, are actually part of the reason others are attracted to us.

Tom Rubeck is a photographer who likes to zero in on idiosyncrasies, both visible ones and others you might not notice if not for the camera's focus. Face and body characteristics, mannerisms, facets of personality and the loves and passions that drive the men in front of his camera. In doing so, Tom ends up with images with meaning that goes beyond what you see on the surface and a deeper connection between model, photographer and captured moment.

David is not a model, just a regular guy who Tom describes as very intelligent and lots of fun to work with. 'He is very secure with himself, and was not shy at all to pose.' The shoot took place almost a year ago at a new, trendy hotel in Dallas. Tom says they shot in seven different area's of the room, playing with both natural lighting, as well as a single chimera.

Tom's focus, and the themes that arose within the work, stemmed from aspects of David's life. David has a particular interest in the life of hustlers and escorts, and although he is not one, is fascinated in exploring and researching the lifestyle. David eventually hopes to publish work on the subject. Many of the images stemmed from this, and the emotions that one might connect with a life of sex with strangers in countless faceless motel rooms. I love how Tom captured those moments, before or after the sex, when the hustler is once again alone. There is quiet isolation within any sex for pay transaction, beautifully caught in Tom's black and whites. I especially how the natural light from the outside slides over David's face and body.

The second part of the shoot wasn't nearly as emotional or deep, but equally as enjoyable nonetheless. David is a huge lover of Superheroes hence the appearance and unveiling of The Flash.

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