Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Dibbling Of The Vicar

Another of the British comedies on PBS is The Vicar of Dibley. The series features Dawn French (from French & Saunders) as The Reverend Boadicea Geraldine Granger. Geraldine, who describes herself as the babe with a bob cut and a magnificent bosom, moves to the small of Dibley to become the towns Vicar.

Geraldine is a feminist and strong liberal who often clashes with the crazy locals. For some reason I most associate this show with Christmas. In the UK it frequently aired around the holidays with highly rated Christmas specials, and it is during the holidays when I usually turn to PBS to watch.

Despite her size, which the show smartly basically ignored, and her career as a Vicar, Geraldine always seemed to attract great looking men.In the shows last few episodes, British actor Richard Armitage joined the cast as Harry, the man who finally got Geraldine to the alter.

As soon as I saw Armitage on the show I knew I recognized his distinctive and handsome face, not to mention his incredible body! Thankfully, with his many roles on television, the actor was given many opportunities to show it off. Currently on screen as Thorin in Peter Jackson's The Hobbit series, Armitage first popped up on British television screens in the early 90's. In addition to movies and mini-series has been in almost a dozen separate television series.

Strike Back (2010)

Cold Feet (2003)


Between The Sheets (2003)

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