Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ghost of Easter Past:

If it's a holiday and your clicking onto FH you can be rest assured there will be holiday themed posts. Annoying to some I am sure, but holiday's and the themed images and stories which surround them, have a beautiful, erotic, sometimes painful yet powerful connection for me. I have attempted to explore the reason several times before on the blog but am not sure I ever really nailed it. Like many of you, especially those whose childhoods were not idyllic, holidays could be rough.

As bad as one might have been, I forever had the hope the next one might be better. To cope, kids often travel to the world of fantasy and this is a world I spent a lot of time in. I remember the holiday themed pictorials in magazines like Cosmo, Playboy and Playgirl which always held a strange fasination to me. It was as if I felt that if I could just get through a few more years, maybe what I fantized about, what I saw in the pictures, might be something I could actually experience.

Easter On FH:

Easter (2011)

Above: Logan by takeurpicture

Easter Imagery:

Easter with Flyfoto:

Easter Baskets with Marlen Boro:

Jack, Jerry & Jesse: Rockin The Bunny Ears


Anonymous said...

I always look forward to the holiday themed posts. This one did not disappoint.


Pascal said...

love it