Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cleanup on Aisle Six: Ben By Island Male Graphics

Some are some artists who say the key to great photograph is in the editing. Although I can understand this to a point, it also sort of depreciates certain other factors. If you pair a great model with a skilled photographer, especially one who knows what he is looking for, the shooting process itself becomes key. Honolulu photographer JR Williams knows clearly what he is looking for and only chooses models he know can assist him in achieving that vision.

There are some camera's, in the hands of certain photographers, that are less forgiving than others. JR Williams' camera has a definite focus on fitness, strength and masculinity. The means the choosing of men to shoot, is especially important in JR's work. Not every model is able or ready for this, but JR has an intrinsic ability to spot it when he sees it.

JR didn't find Ben Kaufner on ModelMayhem, at a casting, or at the gym. JR discovered Ben while shopping at a local supermarket in Honolulu. Ben is an aspiring fitness and underwear model, a surfer and martial artist and currently works as a personal trainer. Judging by how incredible Ben looks modeling his underwear from N2N Bodywear's 2013 Spring Collection, I am guessing JR didn't find him browsing the junk food aisle in that supermarket.

'Ben is very graceful and cat-like with a great physique and a really handsome face. He's brand new, but he learns quickly as you can see. His surfer look and great body make for a really sexy model.'

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