Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Eating In

It seems anything popular in another part of the world usually ends up with an American version. Sadly, most of the re-makes rarely are as good as the version that inspired it. One show that I am surprised has not made it across the ocean yet is the reality show Come Dine With Me. Come Dine With Me takes 5 strangers and puts them together over 5 nights for 5 separate different dinner parties. At the end of each party, the guests vote in secret about the meal they just had and at the final party of the week, a winner is announced.

I have seen versions from the UK, Australia, and most recent a slew of hilarious episodes from Canada. The real magic of the show (besides LOTS of drinking) is the narrator, who nails each of the contestants equally with hilarious one liners. I know there are some episodes on Youtube if anyone wants to check them out but be warned, the show is highly addictive.

The five half hour episodes are usually shown together in an 2 and half hour block and there is no better way to spend an evening watching how the five strangers maneuver through their meal and the countless bottles of wine consumed throughout the week.

The show has a bit of a pattern with casting. Within the five strangers, there is usually one colorful older person, a loudmouth, one annoying as shit person, one introvert, who uses the show as a way to come out of their shell. There is also usually at least one gay person and one hot person, often coming in the same adorable package. My favorite diner of late was Alex B (shown below at the bottom of the post) who smartly came across as a bit of a dumb jock, until he slid in with an incredible meal to win the week.

Alex B (Come Dine With Me, Canada)

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Bobby F said...

This sounds very interesting. American TV would ruin the concept, though, by including famous-for-being-famous worthless wastes of skin.