Saturday, June 8, 2013

Indulis: An Island For One

Last month I was pleased to be able to feature the work of Brookhaven's Indulis. While spending time with the New York photographers portfolio, several themes became clear and present. In the first post, I began by choosing images from one of my personal favorite themes in photography, the male form and windows.

Although I will be continuing with the second theme soon, I had to create a trilogy, by adding another set of images in the middle featuring these incredible images of Terry. Although Terry has yet to pose by the window, or in any themes for that matter, these images more than warranted a piece of their own. I really like this series, especially small touches like the addition of the rope, tying Terry to his environment.

'Terry is a consummate art model, but since he enjoys the freedom of the outdoors here, we spend our time on locations ranging from the beach, the marsh, the cemetery, railroad tracks and abandoned farms...'

 'For this shoot, I would have to credit Terry for bringing the rope to the beach and falling naturally into such graceful poses. This is exactly the kind of dynamic that I find so rewarding in my photography and keeps me motivated and inspired to do more.'

The three images below have joined my list of all time favorite images featuring the male form. The location, the model, the incredible natural sunlight beaming down on Terry's wet skin all combine for truly breathtaking visual stimulation. In addition to the visual, the images also grabbed me emotionally.

There is a such strong longing within the images, maybe partly because of Terry's outstretched arm in the last shot, but there's much more. There is also a strong sense of isolation, something we all feel at different times in our lives. Being all alone, as Terry is, on such a small piece of land even though just beyond reach, on the other side of the small body of water, there are larger land masses to inhabit. Yet, so often, with everything that surrounds us, we often choose that one, small, but ultimately safe body of land to live on and in.


Bobby F said...

While I would love to spend outside naked fun times in a deserted area such as this...these pics leave me with a deep feeling of sadness.

MOUSEtrip said...

I'm without comment for the beauty of this gallery, the perfect body of the model in a wonderful location, the poses, the light, the atmospher!
congrats, awesome photos