Sunday, August 11, 2013

Swamp Thing by Robert J Guttke

In my last post featuring Robert J. Guttke's blog, three beautiful, and completely naked models, were scaling the walls of the old ammunition factory in order to pose, dangerously high in the air on a thin beam jutting out from the structure. Today, the location may be a bit safer, but no less of an adventure. Robert J. Guttke should be shooting the Stade Rugby Calendars. His images, EPIC, and I would kill to see the video with all the behind the scenes work and stories that go along with the final photographs. I will begin the story here, but head on over to EXQUISITE PAIN to finish the journey.

'Dressed in shorts, fisherman waders, camera bag slung over shoulder, and dosed with layers of mosquito repellent we trudged across the mud flats, threading through cattails and thick reeds, around decomposing stumps and headed for the island. Low clouds would break with multiple shafts of Biblical light adding to the humid, atavistic atmosphere. At one point the shorts chaffed the model so much that he ripped them off. Thus the journey became the start of the photo session...'

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