Monday, September 23, 2013

Body Lines: Bleuphoenix by Andrew Buchanan

'My photographic work is fairly simple and uncomplicated, and there are thousands of photographers out there, doing astonishing creative and detailed, pin-sharp work that puts my efforts to shame. I have one camera, no studio, no assistants and can just about find my way around iPhoto to touch up my images before I publish them on Model Mayhem.'

London photographer Andrew Buchanan is correct in that there are many skilled photographers doing astonishing work capturing the male form. I would have to add however that although there is most certainly a connection between skill and results, there really isn't one between results and simplicity. There are artists who use the most expensive state of the art brushes, tools and colors, yet cannot seem to evoke much passion on the canvas. Another artist, might have just a sheet of loose leaf and a pencil and yet create a magnificent piece of art.

In Andrew's case, is it not a pencil but his camera, and although he may see his process as uncomplicated, the resulting images have simple, yet majestic beauty. Andrew calls his new focus essentially a private project, one to prove to himself that he has what takes to do nude work. Thankfully, the response has been very positive, leading Andrew to share the private project with others, and with FH.

Dancer Bleuphoenix on ModelMayhem has an incredible body and look, beyond perfect for a photographer looking to explore the realm of shooting the male form. The 24 year old model grew up in the North West of England, trained at London Contemporary Dance School and began modelling while in his second year of University.

Like many new models, Bleuphoenix began modeling for TFP for just a few photographers but it quickly evolved to paid shoots including catwalk, art, hair, fashion, editorial and dance. Bleuphoenix enjoys modelling as a separate art form and doesn't generally just do a shoot for dance pictures, but is happy to do them as part of a shoot or if dance comes in handy for some more imaginative poses

'Bleuphoenix is one of my favourite models. He is a dancer so, not surprisingly, he is in very good shape... and, of course, his other physical attributes are there for everyone to see and enjoy! Friendly and flexible, professional and focused, Tom has a broad smile and joyous laugh that lights up the room. I know that many other photographers share my admiration for him and his approach to his work.'
Andrew Buchanan

Even when not aiming for specific dance poses, what I love so much about Andrew's images of Bleuphoenix is how movement and body lines are so core to each shot. Although Bleuphoenix is beautifully long and lean, in dance, lines are not just about the extension of body parts. It is as much about how a dancers limbs extend through the space in which they are dancing and how they use, and fill up the space around them.

Through Andrew's lens, Bleuphoenix uses his body to beautifully inhabit every space, whether in a large empty room, or on the streets of London. For Bleuphoenix it was a positive experience and enjoyed working on Andrews concepts as well as some ideas that they collaborated on together.

'Andrew was a pleasure to work with and I hope to work with him again in the future!

'I did a two-hour shoot with him and loved every minute of it. I don't have a very large shooting space in my house, so it forces me to be particularly creative - but I make do very well. We started off in the front room where, as for other models, I had rolled back the carpet, exposing the bare, varnished wooden floor; taken some artwork off the walls; and cleared away some furniture.'

'He needed some basic portraits for his CV, so we did those and then, he got naked for the rest of the shoot. We did several standing and sitting poses, including the pose that has generated the most views on my Model Mayhem portfolio. Full frontal, head tilted to one side, looking invitingly at the camera -it is a simple, but beautiful, image.'

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