Monday, October 21, 2013

FLYFOTO: Interception

'It's a game of inches.'

In America, Autumn and Football go hand in hand. Holidays and Football also share a deep connection with Thanksgiving as synonymous with Football as it is with turkey and dressing. On FH, seasonal themed images have become synonymous with Massachusetts photographer FLYFOTO. FLYFOTO's Joey has been documenting the masculinity of men for over 20 years now and masterfully captures the raw masculinity within his models and beautifully exposes it in whatever theme he is exploring. Joey authentically blends of model with subject as well as color and festivity to consistently create visually stimulating images.

'Football serves up an iconic symbol for masculinity in our culture. In exploring this as a conceptual reference point, the emphasis in this visual study was to create a sense of male power through the association and connection with football. Each model brought their own interpretation of how football, as a concept, could be rendered as sensual, provocative, dominant, and visually classical theme. The viewer is drawn to connect the images to their own inner fantasy of what football represents to them.'


The Artist's Accomplice: Boston Aiden By FLYFOTO -Part 2-

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