Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Manhattan Migration: Rob Yaeger by Chris Teel

'I really love photographs that use my masculinity, theatrical ability and body definition to full effect.'

I am not sure Toronto based photographer Chris Teel knew Rob's wishes, but in this set, he hit a bulls eye with capturing each of the three of Rob's image loves. Dramatic and moody, categorically masculine and a focus on Rob's long lean muscular frame. In addition to his incredible physique, Rob has a great overall look that commands the viewer to give him more than just a casual glance. Strong face and beautiful eyes that can create a lightness or an intensity depending on the image. Entrancingly long legs and a beautiful glint of red top the entire handsome package.

With his long frame and hard body, it makes sense the his focus was once on fashion. Today, Rob's a fitness and underwear model (and performer) whose flair for the sensual and erotic making him a perfect subject for Chris Teel.

Photographer Chris Teel is one of my favorite artists to collaborate with. Since 2009 we have together partnered on over 25 features for FH, including Chris's work with Model Search winner Matt Eldracher. Chris works primarily out of Toronto and occasionally Montreal, but a few times a year heads to New York to shoot. It was on his most recent trip that he shot Rob.

'Rob has a great look - a lot of unique physical characteristics that work really well in front of the camera. I was especially amazed at his skin tone which reflected the surrounding colours - the tones you see in the photos are not created with filters or special effects! '
Chris Teel

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