Monday, October 14, 2013

Plunge: Stephen Michaels by Carl Proctor

Autumn officially is now beautifully painting the North and Northeast with red, brown, orange and yellow. Yesterday became the first time this fall I had to turn on the furnace, a date I try to put off later and later each year. There is no better time then to generate a little heat, then by joining model Stephen Michaels for a day by the pool.

These images, taken this past summer under the hot Atlanta sun come from Carl Proctor, one of my favorite photographers to feature on FH. I have been following Stephen's work for awhile now and am especially happy to be able to share his work with Carl. Besides his impressive physique, Stephen has a great face and infectious grin and appears comfortable and at ease with being admired.

'My goal is for my name to come up first when people consider a male model for any project.'

Stephen started out modeling mainly fitness, but soon realized he could much more. In the process of trimming down, Stephen's goal is to become more versatile for whatever look is required. When it comes to his body, Stephen is a perfectionist, a trait he brings to each assignment and shoot. Between modeling, and time at the gym, Stephen is a full time student with a long term goal of a career in the medical field. Until then however, his main focus continues to be modeling and making the most out of all the time, and hard work he has put into perfecting his incredible body.

In the first image Stephen wears a TOOT one-piece suit, the cobra pattern briefs (featured in images 5, 6 & 7) are also from TOOT. The blue and white stripe speedo featured in the first two images, (my favorite) is from Aussiebum and the last three images feature, well... just Stephen!


Bobby F. said...

Wow. He is perfection. That first nude pic is stunningly beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Bobby, some men really have it together in appearance. If their soul (mind, will, and emotions) is equally as impressive, that man can expect to achieve great success in life, especially if he is generous and expresses love and caring for people in his life.