Saturday, November 9, 2013

Double Take: Mark by Reyj Photography

Ever since first featuring the work of Austin photographer RJ Velazquez this past summer I have wanted to do a second. In the first piece, The Rules of Attraction, I featured RJ's work with model, and musician Tomas. At first glance Tomas did not look like the typical model you might find on Model Mayhem. His distinctive look however is exactly why I paused, took a closer look, and wanted to see more.

I had the same experience with RJ's images of 24 year old Austin model Mark Monroe. At first glance, undeniably sexy but with that second look I was knocked out with Mark's incredibly sculpted body and physically perfect physique from head to toe. His luminous skin and magnificently shaped backside only added to Mark being my choice for a second look at RJ's imagery.

'He's definitely got an awesome body, which he has been sculpting since he was a teenager. He's definitely got dedication and was eager to do the photo shoot.'

The 6' 1" Adonis has sculpted that incredible body through working out, something he began before the age of 10. Mark hopes to put all that hard work to good use with the goal of eventually becoming a personal trainer. In this set, it is as if our minds are directing RJ's lens and the focus, exactly where our eyes would aim and then linger. Every part of Mark's body is worthy of attention, the obvious regions of course, but his back and backside, legs, chest and stomach are all equally impressive.

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