Wednesday, December 18, 2013


For many of us, these glass, colorful light bulbs were the norm for us growing up in the eighties and nineties. My father was particularly paranoid about fires and was always turning off the tree lights, causing my mother, siblings and I to groan at not being able to enjoy them. These lights were indeed problematic, the did get hot, they often they did not screw in right and sometimes broke in your hands as you tried to screw them in.

I purchased some lights earlier in the month, LED mini lights from Wal-Mart. I hate them! They color is not bright, the lights have almost have no.... personality!

They won't break in your hands, but they were so bland that I threw them in the bag to donate. I went back to the regular mini lights. Still sort of boring compared to the glass bulbs I remember. 100 mini lights and each of the 100 are identical. I guess some like that. The glass bulbs, maybe flawed, but all just a little bit different. Each one had little bits of color missing from the light bulb making each one just slightly different than the one next to it. Not sure why we seem to want everything these days to be identical... seems we're missing out on the beauty of difference and variety.

Thanks to Frisky Frolic for these retro bulb images! Check out more on his site HERE:


Daniel said...

I have to agree with you the LTD lights are boring, and the mini-lights are not much better. I love the old bulbs, bigger and brighter for sure. And add a collection of sexy studs like in these pics, and I could have one very Merry Christmas.

Thanks for sharing


Anonymous said...

As a kid I used to hate those big bulb lights. Now as an adult I can appreciate the beauty of them. Now I just hate the light strands that turn off and on for 3-5 seconds. I just never understood why anyone would like that. It's as if you glanced over at the house at the wrong time it would like there were no lights on the house or tree.