Saturday, December 14, 2013

Complete: Riley by Andrew Bowman

As is usually the case, when putting together a piece for the blog, the theme or feel of the images usually rubs off on me while writing and piecing it together. When the images are dark and moody I can often become so. When the images depict sadness or longing I often find myself thinking back to the things I myself yearn for.

Photographer Andrew Bowman's work is always joyous to me. Not light, not fluffy but joyous. The joy is not just what is seen within the images. It is not just the snowballs, the flowers or the splashes of color. It is more that you can feel the joy Andrew has for his work. Working with models, the creation process and the final images which bring forth beautiful, erotic and as Andrew says, even sometimes the rude and raunchy.

Andrew's shoots are complete. In this set with the incredibly hot Riley, model turns Renaissance Man exploring and capturing so many looks and feels. Fun and festive, dapper as well as intensely erotic with Riley's beautiful penetrating green eyes pulling you willingly and eagerly into each and every image.

To acquire so many looks, so many themes and so many images it took hard work and time. Andrew's shoot with Riley was pretty much an entire day. The day began with Riley getting a bus from Birmingham to London at 5am followed by another train out to meet Andrew at 11am. they shot until after 5 then Riley was off to hit the stage at the Hoist in London until after midnight.

'Riley was lots of fun to work! Very easy going personality and chatty. Another model (Kingsley Rippon who i shot in March) put me in touch with him. As well as doing lots of erotic video work he's also a student of fine art and he had lots of ideas while we shot. We used a lot of my underwear collection - much of which has various bits missing... Already thinking of doing our next shoot!'

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