Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Necessity of Nepotism Nakedness

I am not usually a fan of nepotism in any field. In show business it has been responsible for inflicting many talent challenged individuals onto our movie and television screens. For every Mamie Gummer and Mariska Hargitay there has to be a Tori Spelling, Charlie Sheen and the Stepford spawns of Will and Jada. I will make an exception however for the son of Jeremy Irons, especially since he seems to be following in his fathers footsteps not just with talent, but with the willingness to yank off his pants when the role requires it.

I can't say I have yet to really see 28 year old Max Irons light burn up the screen, I dozed through most of his movie debut in Red Riding Hood, but I do look forward to watching more of him in the British series 'The White Queen'. In the little I have seen, Irons is not only compelling, but strikingly beautiful. Although his famous father tried to dissuade him from entering the life of a thespian, like most sons, he rebelled, doing exactly what he wanted anyway.

The White Queen:

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