Sunday, December 8, 2013

It's A Bird...

Quinn Christopher Jaxon by JayBee

'Quinn was absolutely a doll to work with...amazing body, but also an amazing person'

Each artist's images that I feature inspire me in different ways, some hit memories from my past, some touch things I am going through in the present. Some hit specific emotions and some simply arouse. From the minute I discovered the work of JayBee from Frisky Frolic I was taken back to elementary school. Not because of any childlike quality but because Jay taps into a creativity, one most of us lose as we grow older.

The type of creativity we all had in our fifth grade art class. In those days we loved getting wet and dirty working with paper mache, creating molds and puppets and all forms of creations from an imagination not yet dampened with the realities of the world. We used color boldly and the brighter the better. It was a creativity both unlimited and brave.

This limitless feeling always strikes me when spending time at Frisky Frolic. We all have memories (all of us) of tying that big bath towel around our neck and pretending to be Superman (or maybe Wonder Woman...). Maybe we even did it while in our underoos! So many erotic images of the male forum are so mature and serious that I love the contrast in feel (and the frisky and the frolic) within JayBee's work.

These images of FH favorite Quinn Christopher Jaxon were taken as part of a fun Halloween themed shoot in October, but I didn't want to wait until next Halloween to post them. The images are a great example of why I so love JayBee's work. Colorful, fun and with the unabashed creativity we all should tap into a little more.

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