Monday, January 28, 2013

The Golden Boy: Theo James

Speaking of Downton Abbey, it was back in the spring of 2011 that I first posted about the show. (Kudos to DA). Although Turkish aristocrat Kemal Pamuk only appeared in one episode, the character helped draw me into the world of the Crawley's.

Downton Abbey

Mr. Pamuk made an impression on many in Downton, Mary, Thomas and even the stoic Mr. Carson seemed a wee smitten. Pamuk's fate had a long lasting impact on the show well into season 2. The actor who played Pamuk had a long lasting impression on many as well.

A Passionate Woman

English actor Theo James has one of those faces that turns the heads of everyone around him, beautiful lines and eyes, not to mention those lips! The Oxford born actor has a number of credits, mostly UK based productions and off screen is a singer and guitarist with the London-based band Shere Khan.

James is about to get a lot of attention in North America, and even though his new CBS series Golden Boy will not premier until February 26th, he is already getting noticed. Entertainment Weekly named him one of the 13 to watch in 2013 but those of us who were introduced to James through Mr. Pamuk have already been watching for awhile!

Golden Boy



Anonymous said...

Theo is one hot brit!!!!

mlindquist28 said...

He's so hot it's criminal!

Anonymous said...

Sorry "Goldboy" was cancelled. Thoe should go on Spartacus or Game of Thrones, where we can see all of him.