Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Dionysus: Derick by DAVISICON

'Because of Derick's beautiful eyes, hair and skin tone, I wanted a soft more angelic look in some photographs and a sharp more intense look in others to take advantage of his versatility.'

The inspiration for this beautiful translucent shoot began with Dionysus, the Greek God of wine and fertility. Dionysus is believed to have invented wine as well as the sharing of the art of tending to the grapes. He was also known for the two contrasting sides of personality, both thought to reflect both sides of wines nature, On one hand Dionysus was capable of bringing great joy and divine ecstasy. On the other. a brutal, unthinking, rage.

William shot these images of 24 year old model Derick Voigt on Christmas Eve, in a cold sunroom, taking advantage of the winter light and shadows. There is a different look and feel to winter sunlight, equally as bright as the summer sun, but the temperature and reflections often give it a warmer feel especially as it hovers over and warms the bodies skin.

William was certainly spot on about Derick. The San Antonio has an ethereal beauty with his curly brown hair, full lips and beautiful and hypnotic blue eyes. Those eyes also express both sides of the Greek God, the quiet beauty and ecstasy as well the capability for deep intensity. Derick looks like he stepped right out of a historic novel or bible story making him the perfect inspiration, and incarnation of Dionysus.

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