Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bodies Bared by Bisset

When actress Jacqueline Bisset awkwardly accepted her Golden Globe recently some may have been wondering who exactly was this seemingly spaced out woman. Older and possibly straight men might remember her, and her breasts, from The Deep. Younger viewers of gay cinema might have forgotten however about her role in 2003's Latter Days.

I received an e-mail after the award show asking about my previous post, Lucky Bitch featuring the men that Bissset has bared. Back in 2008 I did a small series featuring some of the actors Jacqueline has managed to get naked on film. Back in the early nineties I had no clue who Bisset was either, that was however until seeing her get the pants of the beautiful behind of Jens Peter in an old VHS copy of the movie Wild Orchid.

With Jean-Paul Belmondo in Le Magnifique (1973)

Although the flick was mostly forgettable, Bissett unveiling Peter's naked body with a simple 'Tell him to take off his pants', (translated by Carrie Otis) is a scene, if you haven't watched, you should really see the clip below. In researching that scene, I discovered many other actors the lovely Bissett was able to get down to their birthday suits. In celebration of her recent GG win, I am reposting some of those images as well as a few others I have discovered since. If anyone knows of any others, please let me know!

Baring Branagh in High Season (1987)

Manhandling McCarthy in Class (1983)

Getting the workman naked in 1998's Dangerous Beauty. See More HERE:

Revealing Jens Peter in Wild Orchid (1989) See more HERE:

My personal favorite, with Matt Lattanzi from Rich And Famous (1981)

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