Monday, February 17, 2014

Coming From Behind: Armond Rizzo by Bryan Nevin Media

What are 5 things people don’t know about you?
- I am a cook.
- I love to decorate cakes.
- I am very shy when I am not dancing or on camera.
- I hate my feet. (Laughs)
- I love being a fat ass.

Those who frequent FH know one of my favorite views, is the rear view. I am always surprised when I am sent a series of images of models and they are made up of only frontal shots. The male form is so much more than just one body part, in fact I realized long ago the penis can often be the least interesting aspect of an image. A man's back, and back side is one of the strongest vantage points to truly appreciate the beauty of the male form. In many cases, when a photographer's main focus is the capture of the cock, the image usually lacks depth and emotion and is viewed, judged and usually quickly forgotten.

Photographer Bryan Nevin, whom I first featured last March, (Man Of Steel) understands this clearly, even with adult film star Armond Rizzo at the other end of his lens. Armond's body has been filmed from pretty much every angle, so Bryan's goal was to find a way to capture something new, a view unique through his eyes. I admit it was the last image below, featuring Armond's glorious butt that first caught my eye, Bryan keeps Armond's face, and beautiful eyes, front and center in each shot. By doing so, Bryan creates a series of images of a man, known primarily for his body, into so much more.

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stevekphoto said...

Wow! Bryan Nevin did such a fantastic series of a super hot Armond Rizzo! Thanks for bringing us this feature Tye.