Sunday, February 23, 2014

Too Hard

I like Harry Connick Jr, as both a singer and maybe even more so as an actor. So good in Little Man Tate, so adorable in New In Town and so incredibly creepy in the often overlooked thriller Copycat. I also, like may enjoyed is fresh approach on the first couple of weeks of the new season of AI. What began as fresh however, quickly has gone stale. I would say Connick is trying to copy Cowell, but it is clear he is trying to be 'real' putting far too much energy into being witty rather than helpful. His negative schtick and musical terms may be intended to have him look smart, but for me they do just the opposite. I can almost see Connick after the show, back at his hotel room salivating at all of the witty remarks he made. AI needs honesty, Keith Urban actually does a pretty good job with that, and without all of Connick's bravado.

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Anonymous said...

AI has been awful for a very long time now. All singing shows have become tiresome. Time to end them all. The only talent show worth watching now is So You Think You Can Dance and even that show is on the decline. I've only enjoyed Harry on Will and Grace. Nothing else. We'll maybe Hope Floats. Awful movie but enjoyable on a lazy Sunday afternoon.